Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Walking the Talk

I was in a pretty good space most of the day. I think the therapy session on Monday night went a long way toward helping me deal with a lot of the anger. I don't know what the ultimate resolution will be or when it will come, but I feel better because I know I have taken some steps to get there.

My wife presented me with an opportunity to speak loudly to her primary love language, which is Acts of Service. She's on the board for a local preschool cooperative, and they are in the process of relocating the preschool from one host church to another.

They ordered a new plastic shed for storage on the church grounds, and they wanted it assembled tonight. So two other husbands and I stepped up to put the thing together. I didn't grumble about doing it. I didn't even hesitate to say "yes" when my wife asked me to do it this afternoon.

I'm not that handy of a person, but I can read directions. The other guys seemed more than happy to let me figure out how the parts fit together. They did the repetitive stuff, like screwing in the fasteners, and I got the big parts ready and moved them into place. It was still pretty hot and humid out there, even with the low sun.

We got the job done in about 1 3/4 hours, just before the sun was about to set. I can't remember the last time, at least since going to a race about a year ago, that I did something that could be considered an all guy activity.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be helping them again, this time with moving some cabinets and playground equipment.
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