Friday, June 15, 2007

You're Probably Wondering about that Phone Call

I had two phone conversations with people at the Online Payment Subsidiary of the Big Online Auction Company. The first was a half-hour talk with a department manager, and the other one was a followup with the HR guy in the company's southwestern desert offices.

The department manager told me about two different groups that were in need of developers. The first, located in the southwestern desert, deals with optimization of the backend payment. The second, located in the Silicon Valley, deals with making all of their services available via mobile communications (e.g. cell phones). Both sounded very interesting, and indicated as much to the manager. He said he'd give me a few days to think about my preference. Sometime before the middle of next week, he said that I should contact the HR guy to indicate my preference.

When I discussed the interview with the HR guy, I learned that there might be a snag, should I pursue the backend payment opening. Since it is located in the southwestern desert, the group with which I originally interviewed would need to give their okay, since they technically still have dibs on me. That's good to know because that means I have one sure offer and two other possibilities within the same company.

So the decision making process goes as follows:

  1. Pick a location: Silicon Valley or southwestern desert.

  2. If the choice is Silicon Valley, then I will undergo another phone interview with the technical staff of the phone services team. Skip the next step.

  3. If the choice is the southwestern desert, I will need to decide whether to stick with the original group who made me the offer or go with the backend payment guys. If it is the latter, I'll need to get the blessing from the former, and go through a similar phone interview as the last step.

  4. Accept the offer.

  5. Give notice to current employer and get ready to roll.

This is sounding good.
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