Monday, December 04, 2006

2am Reconsiders

Spill the Beans (f.k.a. Trouble in Shangri-La) writes in a comment:

You know, 2 a.m., one thing I notice about you is that you have a tendency to respond to suggestion with why they CAN'T be done, rather than trying to be creative about how they might be tried, even if trying doesn't succeed.

Doesn't everyone do this when they're confronted with their own crap? ;-)

Thanks for posting this comment because it jarred me to reconsider my stance. I'll try out your suggestion. I've created a livejournal account and tonight I will jave a talk with my wife, give her the URL for the blog, and explain the purpose for starting it.

I will not be disclosing the contents of those posts in this space, nor will I honor any requests for access to the blog.

My apologies to becka for not being open minded to her comments.
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