Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Need a Drink and a Quick Decision

I probably shouldn't feel this way, but I do. I FEEL CORNERED!!!

I suspect that the local, yet long drive, startup is probably getting antsy to hear from me soon.

The formal offer from the Online Payment Subsidiary of the Big Auction Company arrived in the e-mail today, after I called the HR guy to touch base with him. He said that a member of the relocation team should be reaching out to me real soon now.

I also called the recruiter for the New England Online Dating Service (and More) to see where they stood. It has now been four weeks since I interviewed with them. I got his voice mail and left him a message asking for an update because I had one offer that needed a reply on very soon.

My authentic self says, "Say 'no' to the local. Say 'yes' to either of the other two. If the online dating service doesn't come through, say 'Hell, yeah!' to the the online payment service. If the wife still won't support the decision, see if they'll let me take the Silicon Valley spot, which pays a lot more, and use the extra money and paid time off to come home once a month for a few days."

Countervailing this is a deep sense of guilt and obligation, wondering if I'm just insane or selfish. The strength of this counterforce has kept me in check for a long time, and it has not lost strength. The difference is that the "go for it" side is pushing harder than ever. The tension is causing anxiety that I can barely regulate.
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