Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Critique Worth Noting

Anais writes in a comment:
How can you call a woman who bakes, assembles and decorates four 16-inch double layer cakes in one week "lazy"? Mind you, I think her energy is misdirected, but we all need a hobby, right?

Anais is right on this. I really shouldn't call her "lazy", because these cakes are serious projects. To give you an idea of the detail, I've included a snapshot of tonight's opus.

To be more accurate, she regularly engages in these kinds of activities at the expense of normal household tasks, like cooking meals and keeping up on laundry. It is also costly in terms of materials (cake mixes, marshmallows, powered sugar, eggs, shortening), and to the best of my knowledge all four of these cakes were made gratis, so they benefit only her friends, the preschool co-op, and her ego.
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