Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Listening to You, I Get the Music

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The comment quoted below was probably posted in jest, but I can't pass up a Bowenian moment, especially since I suspect that the anonymous soul might be getting me back for some similar comments I've made on that person's blog. :-)

His eyes can hear
his ears can see his lips speak
All the time the needles flick and rock.
No machine can give the kind of stimulation,
Needed to remove his inner block.

Go to the mirror boy!
Go to the mirror boy!

-- The Who, "Go To The Mirror Boy", Tommy

And lo, a mirror reflected back unto me:


if you quote a band like 'vertical horizon' then you lose all respectability. perhaps this is where all your phoenix's anxiety comes from?

who's next? backstreet boys? brittney spears?

While I may have lost your respect, it is worth nothing that the purpose of this blog is not to earn respect. It is to chronicle a journey of differentiation. With that comes validation from within rather than from others.

I can acknowledge your distaste for my lyrical choice. I can even validate your sentiment that Vertical Horizon pales nowhere in comparison to other lyrical works cited in this space. But I will not allow myself to base my adequacy as a blogger upon how someone else feels about it.

Besides, it could have been worse. The runners up for that post were excerpts from "He's So Dull" by Vanity 6 and "Adult Education" by Daryl Hall & John Oates. ;-)

By the way, I've got a huge backlog of comments that I've been wanting to address, so there will be some posts on those in the days to come.
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