Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Some Housekeeping Notes

I've made some updates to the Larger Voices Calling list of links on the right sidebar. I've added the blogs of those who have commented in this space recently and those whose blogs who have added links to me. I've also included some parallel blogs, including the complete Digger Jones media empire.

Further on down the sidebar, you will find that the feed list now includes links to the Atom feed that contains complete post contents and a feed for reader comments.

Finally, if you're curious about the photo in my Blogger profile, it's not the symbol of some esoteric cult. It is the herald (logo) for the Pennsylvania Railroad, a corporate entity that ceased to exist in February of 1968 as a result of its merger with the New York Central System.

If you wander about the Northeast and Midwest of the U.S., you'll find traces of this herald on overpasses and rolling stock. This particular photo is a detail of a boxcar that was sitting stored in a railroad yard in southern Indiana in the mid 1980s. I always loved the look of the keystone with the interlocking letters.
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