Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Joys of Provider Selection

Spent some time this morning navigating my insurer's provider list to find a marriage counselor. Tried to correlate that list against the Marriage Counselor list in the local Yellow Pages and failed miserably, so I had to just start dialing down the list.

I found a counselor who is on my plan, is accepting clients, does marriage counseling, and isn't awfully far away. The fact that the counselor is a woman should help my wife feel a little more comfortable about talking.

I've got two possible dates, one is tomorrow (highly unlikely because we'd have to line up a sitter), and the other is on Monday mid-day.

I called my wife after finding out, and she seemed receptive to the latter date, too, so she's seeing if her best friend can watch our girls. We really need to broaden our babysitter list.
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