Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another Data Point for the Skin Crawl Question

My wife returned from her weekend trip a couple hours ago. We hadn't seen one another in over two days. For the kids, it was almost three days. I had the house mostly straightened up, dishes done, and laundry mostly complete. I wanted her to have a place she could look forward to coming home to. The enthusiasm of the kids upon seeing her probably helped with the atmosphere, too.

She brought home a couple of frozen pizzas from a local restaurant where she was visiting. The pizza is believed by many to be the best in town, and we used to go there every once in a while when we lived there. She said it was a last hurrah before she starts dieting tomorrow.

She's now in the bedroom reading, getting ready to take a nap. Before she retired to the bedroom, I asked her if she was interested in cuddling with no additional expectations. She said "no", saying I could watch the race instead. She said she wanted to be able to sprawl out on the bed. I'm getting increasingly discouraged, but something says I should keep offering to cuddle.
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