Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Morning Sing-a-Long: Installment III

Today, we serve up a double order of Texas Blues from the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan, a man whose life was cut all too short, all too soon.

First up is "Cold Shot", which has a hilarious video that I had almost forgotten about. The best part is where he keeps pulling guitars from out behind his sofa.

The next song, which is more in keeping with the spirit of the sing-a-long, is "Tick Tock", recorded with his brother Jimmie. The video depicted below was created by a fan.

The song was released in the late summer of 1990, just before a helicopter crash claimed SRV's life. I picked "Tick Tock" because the sense of idealism and hope embodied within the song seems to be establishing a foothold in the nation's politcal Zeitgeist these days, especially with younger voters... many of who were born about the time this song was being recorded.
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