Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure that's Not What Hoyle Says...

Earlier this week, my daughters attended a birthday party for a preschool classmate. One of the things they brought home was a Hearts card game. This morning, my older daughter, who is 4, was all abuzz wanting me to play the game with her. Not having played Hearts for ages, I figured that I would read the enclosed instructions to get up to speed. 'Twas an eyebrow raising experience indeed. I've scanned the image for your amusement, and you should be able to retrieve a larger size version by clicking on the image.

I'm pretty sure the only card game where you "talk tricks" is when you play strip poker with a hooker, and only after she's lost her "g star".

Since my daughter isn't quite ready to play a game of this complexity, we wound up sorting the cards by suit (or is that suite) and then sorting each suit pile in ascending order.
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