Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Say, Ol' Chap, How Goes that Job Search of Yours?

On Monday of last week, I had an 80 minute phone interview with some guys down at the Bluegrass Printer Manufacturer. They said they liked what they heard and wanted to invite me down for a half-day on-site interview. I decided to pass because the job was more along the lines of build engineer than software engineer, although it did have some software development aspects.

On Tuesday of last week, my contact at Company Line dropped me an e-mail saying that he would be calling my professional references early this week. Assuming that they checked out okay, he said they anticipated making me an offer soon thereafter.

I was supposed to have an in-person interview with Bonded and Insured, but because of the big file upload/power supply problem, I had to reschedule for Monday. The interview took place yesterday, and it went well. I spoke to five people, four of whom bore the words "vice president" in their title, plus one HR person. I suspect that this lead might result in an offer in the next few days as well.

After many rounds of phone tag, I managed to have my phone interview with ShovelSite. It was a good conversation, but I could tell from some of the questions that I wasn't what he was looking for. That was verified in a followup e-mail, which thanked me for my time but indicated that they would not be moving forward. I'm thinking that were I to go the startup route and hire on with Company Line, my skill set would be better tuned to their needs.

Just for grins, I called the recruiter representing Safe-T-Call. I got sent to voice mail. I don't think I want the job so much as I want to just torture the recruiter for stringing me out so long.

No word from Large Indigo other than a "thank you" e-mail from the contact to whom I addressed my resume and cover letter.

On Tuesday, I got a response from my contact at Susie Student Loan Co., who said that things had not changed since the interview got spiked a few weeks ago. He said that they were hoping to resume the search after the beginning of the year, and that I would be the first person outside the company they would contact once they got the green light.
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