Sunday, November 04, 2007

2am Ponders the Next Move on the Job Search

With Susie Student Loan Co. in suspended animation for several months, Safe-T-Call entering its fourth week of indecision, and the Amazing Music Floating Price Machine Co. begging me to reconsider, I am wondering what I should do. Right now, here are the options as I see them.

  1. Get a prescription for some good meds, pull up a chair on the Titanic, and hope for Susie Student Loan Co. to come around sometime early next year.

  2. If Safe-T-Call makes an offer this week, abandon the Titanic and hire on as a contractor, keeping open the possibility of hiring with Susie Student Loan when they come around.

  3. Give up on Safe-T-Call and Susie Student Loan Co. and abandon the Titanic for the Amazing Music Floating Price Machine Co.

  4. Stay aboard the Titanic and interview for some jobs in the Bay Area while out there in mid-December for a standards group meeting.

  5. Don't wait for December to roll around and apply for a position at a really famous Bay Area-based website for whom I have a personal contact

  6. Look for other possibilities in the Circle City and do some more interviews.

I really don't want to take my chances on (1). I might roll on (2), but my gut tells me that a company that takes over three weeks to make up its mind on hiring for a three-month contract is one that doesn't have its act together. I still can't bring myself to go with option (3). I found out tonight that (4) may not be possible because at the end of the week for that meeting, my daughters' Christmas dance performance will be taking place. I think (5) might be a bit of a stretch, but given my wife's increasingly stronger signals that she wants to control my life after I move out, it might be the best option for my sanity. There might be a ray of light for (6), for I found a posting for a contract-to-hire position locally that may be a real skill builder.

In any event, I'm sleeping on it one more night and I'm going to talk things over with the therapist.
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