Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

In a prior post, I talked some about a conference that the CTO wants me to attend because he's quietly bailing out of his prior commitments to the conference's sponsoring organization.

That conference takes place next week, and I still don't have any of the things that I asked for early last week, when he told me that I would be going alone.

  • plane tickets

  • hotel accomodations

  • laptop to deliver presentation

  • carrying case for laptop

On Friday, I talked to the CTO about the travel arrangements. He said that I should go log onto a travel site, draw up some itineraries, and send them to the CEO. I did that and didn't get any communication from either the CTO or the CEO over the weekend. Today, I raised the issue with the CTO on IM (both he and the CEO are out of town this week).

me (9/18/2007 1:54:02 PM): Are you there, (CTO)?
CTO (9/18/2007 1:54:26 PM): yep
me (9/18/2007 1:54:56 PM): Did you happen to hear from (the CEO) whether she got the proposed flight itineraries I sent her on Friday night?
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:09 PM): I am making your flight arrangements
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:12 PM): and I did get them
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:18 PM): I will lock them down later today
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:26 PM): I wanted to see what was going on with all the Huricanes
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:29 PM): in the area
me (9/18/2007 1:55:32 PM): OK.
me (9/18/2007 1:55:46 PM): Always nice when Mother Nature plays along.
CTO (9/18/2007 1:55:54 PM): yes
me (9/18/2007 1:58:19 PM): When you make those arrangements, please make sure to take care of lodging as well. And we still need a carrying case for the (laptop), if I'm going to be taking that with me. (My coworker) said that the spare case he has is too small for that widescreen behemoth.
CTO (9/18/2007 1:58:45 PM): right
me (9/18/2007 1:59:40 PM): That's all I needed for now. Reminder for the next (standards body conference call) went out earler today, and it looks like we've got (three people whose names have been removed) confirmed to attend.
CTO (9/18/2007 2:08:46 PM): great'

My question is, do you buy his hurricane excuse? The only thing I can find on the National Weather Service site is some stuff about Tropical Depression TWELVE-E, which is currently out west of Mexico. My coworker and I are skeptical.
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