Saturday, July 24, 2010

Late Night Listening XXXIX: Just a Little Unwell

Spent most of today in The Small Town, visiting with my Dad. My stepmom is on a weekend trip to the Windy City with a close friend of hers who also doesn't get much downtime. They are staying with a son of hers, who lives up in the outer burbs. My daughters are with me to provide him some cheer.

The X spent today with about five other school moms moving stuff from her apartment to her new house. She offered up a love seat and easy chair that she had taken when she moved out because she's getting new furniture for her new house.

But I didn't come here to talk about that...

This past Thursday, I paid a visit to my new primary care physician, and explained how the illness from a couple weeks before had been a wake-up call for me. I then talked about how I had been through some life changes in the past year, and that I had been in an increasingly dark space. I took some questionnaires, and she put me on some samples of Escitalopram, because it is indicated for depression and anxiety.

I'm hoping that this works. In the moments I feel most isolated, I feel as if I my interests and desires are nil.

Work is no longer the Foreign Legion for me, a place for me to forget. The guy we had lined up with an offer for the UI position declined our offer because our health plan is so crappy compared to where he works now. The response from my boss was to throw her hands up in the air and say that we won't be hiring anyone new for my department for the rest of the year. I can't deal with management that one day tells me that we need to hire hire hire, and then when we get the chance to hire, we don't have the ability to offer a decent compensation package.

The resumes I posted last weekend are getting views on the boards, but nibbles have been largely constrained to financial services buckshotting recruiter letters to anyone with a pulse for sales positions. I've also gotten some leads for positions in the suburban Empire State, the Deseret, the land of Art Deco and Dance Clubs, and the Windy City. Right now, I'm keeping things local.
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