Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Morning Sing-a-Long: Purely Wonderful Edition

I can't make it through a conversation about this presidential election without someone bringing up how historic and unusual this one has been, and it has.

For the four or five folks out there who haven't developed that awareness yet, today's New York Times sums it up well in a week-in-review story aptly titled Extraordinary Election Season Nears Its Conclusion.

There was one paragraph that makes an interesting musical contrast between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama:
There’s more generational, cultural and stylistic difference between Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, ages 72 and 47, than between rivals in most presidential contests over the last half-century.

Bill Clinton and the first President Bush were three years closer in age, and while Mr. Clinton’s victory marked the ascension of baby boomers, Mr. Obama’s election would be emblematic of something more profound: that the multicultural, postracial society so often discussed in the news media but so seldom affirmed in public life was now, literally, the face of our nation. Mr. Clinton was Fleetwood Mac. Mr. Obama is India.Arie.

Indeed the India.Arie song "There's Hope" was among the songs played before the rally here a week and a half ago. However, I have to say that my personal favorite from this artist is a flowery gem called "Purify Me".

To me, studio recorded Neo Soul, which relies heavily on minimal electronic rhythm tracks, is no comparison to when it is performed live with real instruments. It's warmer, and the unprocessed vocals are so more organic. This song is no exception.

I think in some sense, this song expresses the kind of hybrid sensual/emotional/spiritual connection that many of the relationship bloggers on my blog roll are looking for in their spouse or significant other. Within the proper context, the hotness of the intimacy is recast as a path to the purity of the divine. Or as Therese put it oh so well with her rephrase of the Ben Franklin quotation about beer...
sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy
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