Monday, June 23, 2008

2am Some Ten Years Ago

On an online developer blog, I learned that today the Land of Lincoln is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the first version of a product that one of my ex -employers made famous. The company posted a scrapbook of memories, including this wide angle photo taken sometime around the 10th anniversary of the company, shown below.

I can't make out where I am in this photo, but I remember the day we went to that park en masse to take the picture, and my autograph is there. For a fleeting slice of time, I bask in the transcendence of the moment.

The company gave me the break I needed to make the transition from engineering to software development. The pay wasn't stellar, but it was a great company to work for , and I still use and recommend the product to this day.

I still mention my experiences frequently in discussions at my current job, mostly as reminiscences, but sometimes as precedents for how we might do things. My current boss joked that sometimes I speak of the company like an ex-girlfriend that I just can't quite get over.
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