Saturday, May 31, 2008

This One is for Tom, Cat, Anais, and the Other Kink-Minded Souls

A recently published survey by Men's Health purportedly ranks my city of residence as the "most sexually satisfied". It goes without saying that I wasn't part of that poll.

Newspaper publishing empire Gannett owns the local major daily in the Circle City and puts out a weekly free newspaper/social networking website targeted at the younger, urban hipster demographic. It's sort of like the alternative weekly newspaper, sans the political commentary and massage parlor ads in the back.

Anyway, this weekly newspaper decided to capitalize both on the news of this survey and the debut of the Sex and the City movie to publish a voluntary sex survey of its own in this week's edition. By the author's own admission, the survey has more entertainment value than scientific merit, but the photos that accompanied the article (right sidebar, just below "related posts" section), were mildly amusing. The title photo, not provided on the webpage, was a pose that parodies the painting American Gothic.

Personally, I think the woman would have looked better in leather than a bunny outfit any day.

UPDATE: Heh...
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