Thursday, February 21, 2008

#1 Reason I Will Not Be the Black Sheep in My In-Laws' Eyes

If your family tree does not fork... you might be a redneck
-- Jeff Foxworthy

During a phone conversation between my wife and her mother this evening, my wife made the mistake of asking for further information when her mother made vague references to drama going on in her life.

My wife has a cousin, the daughter of one her mother's sisters, who left her first husband for her father-in-law (the husband's father). She has children by both of them, making the kids both uncle/niece as well as half-siblings. By the grace of something I can only describe as divine, I have seen these people only a few times in my life.

Close to two years ago, my wife's maternal grandparents moved back to the area from the Rocky Mountain state, bringing along their adult daughter, who lives with them. Apparently husband #2/ex-father-in-law has taken a fancy to that daughter, and the feeling is apparently quite mutual.

So, the woman who dumped her husband for her father-in-law is now getting dumped for her aunt. Apparently the children, who are either in their upper teens or adults now, have threatened violence against their great aunt for this adulterous act.

This is the stuff of Springer, folks. Karma for the trailer park set.
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