Sunday, December 16, 2007

Late Night Listening XX: Not the Same Auld Lang Syne

I read in the news this evening that the son of the leader of the band has died, and it is a sad day indeed.

When this song was enjoying top-40 radio airplay, I was back in school, a mere fifth grader. And now I'm about nine years older than what he would have been when he was recording that song.

Those of you who have read the back story of my life know that my wife was my first serious relationship, so I don't have a history of old lovers into whom I might run at a grocery. The closest I've ever come to something like that was running into an old classmate in the building where I work about a year ago. We weren't close, not even in the same social circle really. But she remembered who I was.

I'm sure that with time, once my wife and I go our separate ways, news of my marital status will propagate through my hometown's grapevine. Shock will probably be the normal reaction. Word might make its way to the town's diaspora, many of whom call this city home. I wonder whether someone might try to contact me for the purposes of friendship or something more amorous. Who knows?
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