Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too... Tired... To... Blog

I'm still lagging over the 24-hour travel-and-interview marathon to the big online payment company in the Silicon Valley. At work today, I had to get up several times and walk around just to stay awake. Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up on some thoughts.

In the meantime, try solving this puzzle problem, which was one of many I had thrown at me on Monday...
Suppose you have a balance scale with which you wish to measure the weights of objects to an accuracy of one ounce. You are allowed to use only four known weights, the masses of which are your choosing. You are also allowed to place the known weights on either side of the balance. So, for example, you may have two of the known weights in one pan, and another known weight sitting in the other pan with the object of unknown weight. What weights should you select to maximize the range of weights you can measure?
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