Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Few Sidebar Changes.

Update on the "Accidental Submissive" Posting

The webmistress who put a link to my website posted an apologetic comment saying that she has since removed the link. Last weekend, we exchanged e-mails. I let her know that I was not offended by her decision to link, but was puzzled by the association with submissive males. She explained how the linkage came to be. It was a reader referral. I said that she was free to post the link again and I asked for permission to add her blog to my sidebar. I have her consent to do so, so she is now on board.

Sic transit gloria erotica

I should also note the passing of the Ringfinger blog, which was written by frequent poster elise. I have confirmed through private correspondence that the posts are gone and that she is done with the blog.

Two More Additions

I have added links to Probitionate in Situ and Restoring the Covenant on my sidebar to reflect my current blog reading list. The author of the latter is husband of the blogger behind Therese in Heaven.
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