Saturday, June 09, 2007

Update on those Videos

Updated at 4:16 p.m. on 6/9/2007 to include phone call.

Updated at 6:12 p.m. on 6/9/2007 to include video sale.

Well, my wife and her best friend set off for the video store to sell that massive collection of VHS tapes. No word on whether they were able to sell them or how much they got if they did.

They've been gone for a couple of hours now. I know that in addition to the video store visit, they were supposed to be mailing out some things that they had sold via online auctions, and they were talking about going to Target. I've got kid care duty while the young'uns try to nap.

Update: My wife called about 15 minutes ago (4:01 p.m. by the caller ID) to let me know that they still needed to go to Target, so I have no idea what else they've been up to.

Update: My wife and her best friend returned shortly before 5 p.m. They said that the guy at the store was "very nice" to them. He gave them $35 for the whole collection.

I speculated that they may not fetched as high a price because of the decline in VHS media. These days, they probably don't move as swiftly as DVDs. The best friend disagreed, saying that the store was selling used tapes at a rate of buy two, get one free at $14.95 a piece.

I suspect that the video store will fetch a healthy profit on the goods.
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