Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2am Gets a Reality Check from Readers and Wife

The comments from my last post seem to be in agreement that any hope for a last minute turnaround is pure delusion at this point.

After reflecting on the feedback, and taking into account an interaction today with my wife, I am convinced that the readership is on spot on.

I've taken positive steps toward pursuing my career goals. I need to keep pushing in that direction, and use the upcoming joint session to communicate that intent clearly and respectfully.

This morning, as my wife was getting ready to go to her individual therapy session, I gave her a heads-up that my therapist had proposed a joint session and that her therapist would probably ask her for what time worked best.

She responded with snideness in her voice, "What are you going to do at that session, finally tell me your decision about the job offer?" I refused to say exactly what I wanted to discuss. That brief exchange spoke volumes about the lack of respect that she has for this process.

I think that doing this within the environs of the counseling session will reduce the likelihood that she will fall back on direct emotionally abusive tactics, but I suspect that she will try the "fall apart" card because that is her weapon of last resort.

I will not back down, nor will I seek to invalidate her. This is not about me proving her wrong. It's about acknowledging what is real: We are in two separate boats, drifting in very different directions. I cannot continue to track her course and expect to grow professionally at the same time. For the sake of my own well being, and the future financial well being of my children, I need to go my own way.
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