Saturday, June 23, 2007

Attention Passengers for this Important Announcement... The Shuffleboard Tournament Begins in 15 Minutes

Have the T-Shirt asks:
Ummm, did ya sink? :P

You don't hear Celine Dionne playing in the background, do ya? ;-)

Looks like we had the tinfoil hats cranked to 10, because no major announcements took place. The meeting was just a discussion of how chairs should be arranged on the cruise ship.

The main motivation for this big meeting was that the CEO and CTO were supposed to head out next week to the West Coast to talk over their deal with the angel investor friend. But earlier that afternoon, they found out he's still tied up with merger and acquisition stuff, so he won't be available for meeting. They'll be in town next week after all.

So what did happen?

My coworker and I briefed the CEO on what we had been working on the past few weeks and the status of our efforts.

The CEO complained about not being able to find a local person to produce a polished user's guide for the product. She blamed it on the lack of software companies in the area. I suggested that they put out some feelers at the two or three big computer book publishers in the metro area to see if they know of someone between projects.

The CTO gave my coworker and I a list of things to work on. Sounds like he's wanting to start testing the product now so that he can get a version rolled out to a semi-paying customer.

No word regarding venture capital other than the CEO had e-mailed out the answer that the she had asked the CTO to prepare.

The CEO said that her contact with another company with whom they're supposed to be striking a deal hadn't returned her calls at all this week.
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