Friday, January 19, 2007

Not Likely to be a Meme Anytime Soon...

What kind of C++ programmer are you? You can see what some testing service thinks of me.[1]

This was by far the most pernicious of the automated exams I've taken because it was one of those multiple choice exams where there may be more than one right choice.

The weakness in STL wasn't a surprise because one of my jobs barred the use of this library in its own code, and to do anything with it, I have to keep a reference guide handy.

I can understand the file handling issue as well, because I'm still inclined to use the old C standard library routines for I/O when I need to code something up quick and dirty.

But inheritance? That's the bread and butter of object oriented programming. I have no idea how they scored me that low.

[1] -- I don't think the test's licensing agreement bars the screen capture of the results, only test content itself, so it should be okay to show.
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