Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Digesting Schnarch

Tom Allen, blogging at The Edge of Vanilla writes in a comment:
Wow. Like, um... wow.

You're really taken the Schnarch stuff to heart, havent' you?

I've gotten partway through the book; I find that I need to digest a bit after a couple of chapters.

I've got some disagreement with a few of your assertions, but for the most part, it could well have been written by me. Or rather, perhaps something similar one day will be written by me.

Yes, I would say that Schnarch is my primary therapeutic roadmap. His approach is so grittily pragmatic, going much more deeply than most books on relationships and sex. I sensed he must be onto something because our marriage therapist didn't like the book (she said she had read it as part of a graduate level course).

I agree with you on the books digestibility. It took me two weeks to work through it. Take your time.

For the sake of my own enrichment, I would be interested in knowing what points you disagreed with. If you'd prefer to share them privately, let me know, and I will send you an e-mail for replying.
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