Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sex Happens

WARNING: Explicit Content Follows

In my prior post, I mentioned that my wife and I did not cuddle. The reason was that we had sex instead.

It was shortly before midnight. I had been on the computer doing a mixture of work and IM traffic. She came in to talk to me, so I got up from the computer so that I could give her full attention. I can't remember what we talked about, it was something day-to-dayish.

After several minutes of conversation, I reached out and took her left hand, just to be affectionate. She surpised me by asking, "Do you wanna have sex?" That question was now more complicated on a couple of levels.

Earlier that evening, she had been watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond, and it was the "Power of No" episode. We were in the same room at the time that was happening, but I chose not to make any remarks because I figured it was just too sensitive to discuss. She loves that episode, ironically enough.

Another complication was that I had told her the night before that I would not initiate sex with her during her counseling.

I wasn't sure if the conflict on the sitcom had stirred up some interest in sex, either out of desire or a need to feel attractive. I also wondered if she interpreted my reaching out as some sort of sexual advance, and she was calling me on whether I was going to keep that promise.

I turned the question back on her, to remove the ambiguity. I asked her, "Do you want to have sex?" When she said she did, I took her at face value. I helped get things close down for the evening and returned to her in the bedroom.

I decided I wasn't going to fuss about foreplay. Whatever she wanted, she would get. She asked for the vibrator, so I used it on her, playfully, for about 10 minutes. I Aside from an occasional caress of the thigh, I didn't do anything else. When she neared her climax, I planted light, wet kisses on her lower belly. She came pretty hard. Her face was flushed, and she sat upright and writhed.

I moved myself above her and placed some kisses on her. She moved her leg across my crotch area, so I took that as a signal that she was ready for intercourse. I had her lie on her back with thighs rasied, legs parallel to the bed. I kneeled and entered her that way with my hands on her legs. I've tried this position a couple times before because I can get better penetration.

I started slowly until I got to full hardness. Then I decided to try something different. I thrust at a much higher rate than I normally do. Almost the rate you might see in an adult video. She seemed to respond to that well, and I almost got myself to climax that way before I started feeling muscle spams in my left thigh and leg.

I tried resuming, this time with her at the edge of the bed and me standing, but we couldn't get the elevation right. I was losing hardness, and my wife got worried that I would get all flustered. She offered to lay next to me while I finished off manually. I told her that I wanted to make love to her, and I knew I could do it. I said that I wanted to be her man. She said that I was already her man in other ways. I responded that this, too, was part of being her man.

I got myself back to full hardness, and we resumed in a missionary position. I asked her to tell me that she wanted to be with me, that she loved me, and that she wanted to make love. She said those things once. It would have been nice if she would have repeated them or improvised. Eventually she said, "Do it." I focused on the words making love, finding the momentum I needed to get there, and it was wonderful.

Afterwards, she started reading a novel. I lay next to her put my arm around her waist. I asked her jokingly whether she had sex with me just to get out of cuddling, and she laughed saying that she had thought my attempts to cuddle in the past few days did have ulterior motives, but she was realizing that I was serious about them being nonsexual. I reiterated that I would not initiate sex so that she would not feel pressure.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I planted a kiss on her cheek and whispered, "Thanks for last night. I enjoyed it very much. I love you."
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