Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not tonight...

Last Friday, Dateline NBC aired an episode on sexless marriages. I DVRed the program and watched it later that night. Since my wife was out of town at the time, she was not aware of the program or that I had recorded it.

Tonight, I summoned up the nerve to ask her to watch the program with me and talk about it. She had just completed watching one of her favorite shows and was just starting to watch some celebrity reality show. She declined, saying that she preferred to watch the reality show because she was trying to do her work at the same time.

She said that she would watch it on Sunday, after she got back from her weekend trip out of town. I took the raincheck gracefully and said there was no hurry.

A few seconds afterward, it was a major moment of irony. She started complaining of a headache.
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