Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some Forgotten Notes From Last Week

I forgot to include some items from the wife's individual therapy that took place on Wednesday of last week.

She told me that she thought the therapist was going in the wrong direction with the counseling. I asked her what made her think that, and she replied by saying that she wasn't sure because her memory wasn't that great.

She did say that they discussed the sensitivity to odors. I've posted previously that she complained about my breath and that she had troubles performing oral sex because of the smells, even after thorough washing with soap and water.

She also said that she has hangups about her own body's smells because she worries that she will wind up smelling like her mother. I don't have the same degree of olfactory awareness that she does, so I don't exactly know what she's talking about when it comes to her mother, but I'll assume it's not pleasant.

The therapist said that she thought the sensitivity is not something recent but has been with my wife for a long time. She probably didn't develop the awareness of it until she started being sexual with me. I was her first.

The therapist also wondered if there may be problems with hormones, and has suggested that my wife have a test done. My wife said she would ask about this at her yearly appointment with the OB/GYN.

Yesterday evening, I asked my wife when her next individual appointment is. She said it is on Thursday, but she will need to cancel that appointment and reschedule. She didn't know when the next time would be since the practice she visits is open only Tuesday - Thursday.
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