Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Brief IM Conversation with a Black Hole

I'm not going to analyze this, lest someone out there accuse me of overanalyzing things. This is a transcript of an IM conversation I just had with my wife regarding the worksheets we're supposed to have done for marriage counseling this evening. It echoes the kinds of conversations that we have when I try to talk with her about our counseling in person.

wife : i am getting frustrated with that stupid paper. why can't we just talk this through with her.
me: What part of it is frustrating to you?
wife : mostly the fill in the blanks because obviously my other parts arent' making sense
me: Which other parts aren't making sense? The tables?
wife : the madlibs and i mean mad
me: You might need to rework the wording of some of the things you are transferring from the tables so that they make grammatical sense.
me: It's not necessary to do the exercises perfectly. I think she gives them to us so that we come to the session having thought about the things we will be discussing.
me: Were the diagram and tables difficult for you to complete?
wife : yes
me: Was it that you couldn't come up with examples, or did you have trouble expressing ideas in writing?
wife : maybe both
me: Do you find the worksheets to (be) not very helpful?
wife : they are ok
me: Is that a positive or negative "OK"?
wife : neutral
me: Did you make some progress in the love languages book?
wife : i am ready to read the languages. i was going to start with touch first
me: Did the discussion of being "in love" and the tank metaphor make sense?
wife : i don't know right now i can't remember what i read
me: I'll let you get back to working on the exercises. I'm sorry that they're frustrating to you.
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