Saturday, October 25, 2008

Therese Asks About My Karaoke Choice

AUTHOR NOTE: Edited post at 11:17 pm EDT on Oct. 25 to remove redundant sentence.

Therese asked in a comment:
It was just a guess, but I wondered if your karaoke song choice had any personal relevance to you right now. It was very fun watching you sing in any case!

For as much as I am a maven of symbolism, I did not consciously make a choice to sing this as a symbolic act.

I picked the song for a couple of reasons...

I've always loved the song "Tainted Love". The "bomp bomp" riff that repeats throughout the song is very addictive, and it's always struck me as sort of musical anachronism. Yes, there are little bits and pieces of 80s synthesizer, but to me this song looks and feels like mid-60s British Invasion artifact.

Second, I figured that if I was going to step out of my comfort zone and make a fool of myself, I might as well do it in the most comfortable way possible. :-) This is one of the few songs you might catch me trying to sing along with on the radio.

I was bummed that the karaoke version didn't use the longer version of this song, which includes a breakaway into a cover of the Supremes song "Where Did our Love Go?"
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