Thursday, September 20, 2007

... Because My Body Doesn't Look Good in JPEG : Half Nerdy Thursday!

I've decided to add another variety of posting to this blog to keep things from getting too dreary. Talking about personal and professional turmoil all the time is just too much of a downer.

My goal is to post this type of article every Thursday, sort of keeping in tradition with a different kind of HNT. I know that from my last geeky post, writing about this doesn't stir up much excitement. But I figure that posting gratuitous images of me in varying stages of nudity would be just too much torture for my readership. Besides, if I were to do that, it just might give Trouble some ammo should she decide to start an "I Can't Believe He's Getting Divorced" blog.

To launch this series, I'll dig back to a comment left by Therese this spring:
Oh, and "elliptic curve cryptography"? Geez, you are always giving me little things that I'm dying to work into normal conversation. ;)

Well isn't everybody talking about this stuff these days? Want to be in the know? Well then get yourself over to Dr. Dobb's website, where you can feast your eyes and mind upon this 10-year-old classic article:

Elliptic Curves and Cryptography

It will help you immensely when trying to converse with that hardcore gaming spouse who is all aflutter because he just found out that the Nintendo Wii used elliptic curve cryptography to sign saved game data.

What's that? Eyes still glazing over? OK. Let's make a deal. If you've got a techy or mathy kind of question that you've run into recently or have at one time racked your brain over and would love to know what the answer is, post it to the comments section. I'll pick out one or more question each week and post my replies to them in the Half Nerdy Thursday installment. If you don't, I might find some other arcane topic to scribble about.

One warning: If you post a smart @$$ question, I might just provide an appropriately smart @$$ answer. ;-)

I'll be watching my inbox.
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