Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wickedly Ironic Thought for the Day

I've shared this privately with a couple of other blog readers, and based on their reaction, I figure that this might be worth sharing with everyone else.

If the disagreement over this job offer were to precipitate the downfall of my marriage, would it be tacky to send the child & ex-spousal support through my would-be employer's online payment service?

But seriously, folks...

My wife continues to hold her ground on the refusal to move. Provided that things don't go "snap" over the weekend, I'll try to persuade her to take the trip out there just so she can see what it's like out there.

For those of you keeping score on the job hunt... I canceled the interview in the Music City because there's really no way that it can compare to the Big Offer. I've decided to go ahead with the in-person interview for the New England job lead. It has a chance of offering a competitive salary package. I fly out for that one on May 1.
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