Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Moribund 2am RSS Feeds

Started to take a look at the blogs that I used to follow via Google Reader many a year ago. I migrated them to Feedly when Google did its Spring Cleaning shutdown of Reader.  Most of the feeds have gone dormant.  Only Anais (Dancing with Myself), Dawn (I am Doing the Best I Can and other blogs), Tom Allen (The Edge of Vanilla), and Drunken Housewife are posting with any degree of regularity.  Here is a listing of each blog in my feed and the number of days since the last post was published.
  1. ...For a Different Kind of Girl (Eponymous) - 506
  2. A Very Merry Un-Birthday (Mandy Lou) - 1151
  3. Dancing with Myself (Anais) - 4
  4. Deepest Darkest Thoughts (Trueself)- 178
  5. Drunken Housewife (Eponymous) - 32
  6. I Am Doing the Best I Can (Dawn) - 6
  7. I Should've Been Famous by Now (Tajalude) - 1004
  8. Mind Blowing Insanity (Jinsane) - 165
  9. Never Judge a Book by its Cover/Blogger (Cat) - 1175
  10. Never Judge a Book by its Cover /Wordpress (Cat) - 772
  11. Phyllis Renee (Eponymous) - 1562
  12. Reality & Redemption/Wordpress (Digger Jones) - 173
  13. Reality & Redemption/Blogger (Digger Jones) - 1871
  14. The Edge of Vanilla (Tom Allen) - 29
  15. The Eyes Have It (Fiona) - 138
  16. Unsolicited Advice/Blogger (Digger Jones) - 2052
  17. Unsolicited Advice/Wordpress (Digger Jones) - 455
 This doesn't include blogs that have shut down, like Meet Joe Flirt, Therese in Heaven, and Law Girl, and Euro Posh, or the blogs that have gone private like Have the T-Shirt, and Fade to Numb.

What blogs do you miss?
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