Friday, July 22, 2011

Earworms Come from the Strangest Places

Was reading the news yesterday and saw an obituary for Ed Flesh, a guy who was responsible for many a TV set design, including that of many game shows. The crown jewel of his accomplishments was the original Wheel of Fortune centerpiece, but it was his work for the $25,000 Pyramid that caught my eye.

As someone who consumed way too many game shows and cartoons as a child, I do have memories of this show, including its earliest incarnation, which had a $10,000 value. Flesh wasn't the originator of the set design, which included that overwhelming pyramid used for the winner's circle round, complete with chaser lights that seemed to march in time with a jazzy/funky theme that is burned into my mind to this day. Sure enough, there are plenty of mavens who have transferred old video clips of the show to YouTube, but someone was diligent enough to post a high quality audio of the theme song.

Now I can't get the d@mned thing out of my head.
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