Friday, January 01, 2010

2am... Back from Fountain Square

Made it home from the music venue safe and sound. Last alcohol was consumed at 10 pm, so I was not even so much as buzzing after the Born Again Floozies finished up their last number.

All in all, it was quite a night. For a mere $15 + small convenience fee, I saw four local acts made up of some of the city's most talented and creative musicians. I wound up buying some CDs from the merchandise table. I'm glad I pushed myself into going, and I think this will motivate me to get out and see some other local music performances in the year to come.

My only regrets... First was showing up at 8:30ish. I figured that there wouldn't be many people there, but many of the good tables were taken. I wound up sitting towards the back. Second, although I had a great time with the music, the New Year celebration was hard going alone. I felt like the grade school playground again, where I was the odd kid out who didn't really relate to others.

Loneliness anxiety is painful for me. Very painful. I need to dig up my readings on this topic because I am far from transcendence in this area.
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