Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late Night Listening XXIX: Visiting Billalble Therapist Hours Unto the Third and Fourth Generation

The Drunken Housewife has a heckuva post about her blog's impact on her kids and the attention it has drawn. I won't spoil it here, so go read it and follow the link.

As I increase with years, I have come to realize one thing certain of the parent-child relationship. There is not one among the living or dead who has raised offspring in such proper and effective manner that the child is deprived of issues which require subsequent resolution in adulthood.

There is no path so wise that would shelter a child from all forms of trauma. It is part of being human. For inasmuch as I try to avoid repeating the mistakes of my parents and grandparents, the uniqueness of my situation will inevitably bring forth misunderstandings and missteps in my own actions as parent.

I can only hope that my daughters' path might be a short durations of weekly visits and rather than a lifetime of self-destructive behaviors. Sometimes conscientious parents are too hard on themselves, focusing so heavily on the damage, and ignoring how they foster resilience in children.

With that in mind, let's put on a copy of that great modern folk paean to self-discovery, "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls.

Official Sony BMG Video of "Closer to Fine", not embedded because they don't allow it for this clip

Hard to believe it's been 20 years since that track was released, no?
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