Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late Night Listening XXI: A Horrible Confession

I think it's time I came out and just fessed up. Your pathologically verbose blogger in residence has a skeleton in his closet, and it doesn't involve any inappropriate relationships with younger lobbyists.

No, it's worse than that... I bought a 45 of Robey's version of "One Night in Bangkok" in the early 80s. I was reminded of this earlier this week because my brother sent me a link to a You Tube clip of the music video.

I don't ever recall seeing this video at the time, but watching it reminds me of another horrible secret. Sometimes... I miss big hair.

OK. Now I feel better.

On a tangential note, this was going on just around the bend from my workplace, so I moseyed on over to watch to see what the fuss was all about. The article fails to mention the five or six rather hearty souls outside the building who were holding up huge signs for Ron Paul and using every instance that the front doors were opened to make extra noise and chant their candidate's name[1]. Thank you, Digg, you've made politics that much more amusing.

[1] -- No, I wasn't one of them.
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