Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who Says I Don't Do 'Giddy' Well?

More news from the job search...

Didn't get to talk to Obsessive Girlfriend Recruiter on Wednesday morning. She was out of the office and responded to my voice mail. She said that I could call her manager, so I did.

I got some clarification from the manager about why they had considered putting me through a fourth interview. She said that it was because up until this point, they had hired only regional candidates. This was their first fly-in, and they wanted to make sure that they had a thorough screening.

I also talked about the intensity of the OGR both in e-mail and phone messages. The manager apologized and assured me that her conduct was not representative of the company. That was the personality of the recruiter because she does the same thing with the manager.

I also got a nice backgrounder on the company itself. It sounds like they've got a pretty neat product, and they have big names for customers, which speaks volumes for them.

I explained that I was in the process of completing several phone interviews, many of which might lead to travel for face-to-face interviews. Because I wanted to be fair to everyone, I wanted to hold off for a few more days until I had a more complete picture of which leads I wanted to pursue. She was understanding of this, and she said I could work directly with her instead of OGR, if I wanted.

I had a kiss-and-make-up discussion with the no-show consultancy. The recruiter blamed it on the interviewer, saying that he had crashed his laptop on Monday and didn't get the confirmation e-mail for the appointment. She said this particular guy had damaged a computer this way something like two or three times this year. He has worse hardware mojo than the CTO of my current company. I agreed to meet with him on Friday afternoon after work.

On Wednesday evening, I had an interview with the team that develops the core of network game play server software for the Play in Our World Gaming Console Company. It was a mixture of HR-ish questions like, "How do you handle disagreements with a coworker," or "Can you give an example of leadership that you showed on the job," and technical questions to see if I knew some things about UNIX system programming. They had somewhat nerdy vocal patterns, but I think I got along with them OK. It would be straight C programming, but it sounds like they'll be working on the way cool task of scaling the server play so that in runs on newer CPU architectures.

Tomorrow morning, I have an interview with a Very Profitable Alternative Investment Organization, which is located on a Big Island across from Big Apple. This one might be a bit intimidating, but I've wondered what this world is like.

The Pacific Northwest Internet Advertising Company wants me to come out for a visit.

I got a reply late last night from the HR person at Large Indigo Computing Company acknowledging the receipt of my resume and promising to distribute it to the appropriate parties.

And now for the big news...

Last weekend, I saw on one of the job boards that Do-No-Evil is looking for a developer at it's Windy City office. So I put in my resume again. I got a reply yesterday, asking me for times to do a phone interview. I replied promptly, after the initial shock wore off. We've got a time set up, which is early evening this coming Wednesday. I don't know if it will get me to the full blown torture session interview that has made the company so famous, but I have to give it a try. To do anything less would be a betrayal of myself.

And now, please excuse me while I dance around like a d@mned fool!
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