Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Ironic Vignette for Your Amusement

Many married moms, 10 times out of 10, would rather have a marathon cookie-baking section rather than do something spontaneous or fun with just her husband.

-- Anonymous, "Re: Single Moms / Why some husbands leave their wives", Best of [1]

In yesterday's post, I wrote:
This past weekend, she made mention of maybe having sex later on this week since it had been so long. I responded with a neutral "OK", expressing neither enthusiastic anticipation nor sarcastic skepticism. I knew better than to get my hopes up, and it was pointless to get indignant.

I was reminded of the excerpt above this week when my wife was busy baking and decorating three dozen cupcakes for the preschool co-op's parent education night for which the topic was how to discuss sexuality with kids, especially in their young years.

Some of the cakes were made from a German chocolate cake mix, and those were topped with toasted coconut and topped with those chocolate easter eggs with the hard candy shell, so they looked like little birds nests.

The other cakes were made with a yellow cake mix and topped with a large mound of yellow colored butter creme icing to make a beehive. Jellybeans were then attached to the hive for the bees, and slivered almonds served as wings.

The class itself was very helpful, and the featured speaker provided a lot of useful advice about how to deal with kids' questions.

Had I been really thinking, I would have asked Therese's question. I'm kind of surprised no one else did.

[1] -- DISCLAIMER: Quotation of the post does not mean that this blogger endorses the full contents of the post. Indeed the author goes over the top in several instances, so read with a tongue in cheek or at least a few grains of salt.
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